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Brazzers My Big Bad Boyfriend

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Keisha Grey is doing what most girls do and she found herself a bad boy and she is trying to fix him. She is trying to fix him the wrong way though because Keisha is giving him exactly what he wants, that perfect pussy of hers. The two of them get caught by Keisha’s dad while she is on her knees sucking his big dick. Instead of just calling it quits though they take care of this cock block. They tie up the sleeping dad push him off the bed and get to work fucking. You’re going to love that perfect round ass with the tan lines that Keisha has especially the view when she is riding this guys cock. It ends with her getting a really big facial, maybe he will love her … Read More »

Getting That Yoga Booty By Brazzers

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I really should have waited till at least this scene was out before I posted it but come on how can I wait! Keisha Grey is looking hot as fuck in this that perfect yoga butt of hers is great and all but how about these all natural tits! Seems that whoever was filming this video is kind of all about the booty because there isn’t too many great shots of the amazing tits. She starts off in some super sexy little pink bottoms that soon come off as she gets her tight pussy fucked and does a little fucking of her own. What I mean by that is watch her as she rides this guy up and down he just gets to sit back enjoy the view and enjoy the fuck! What a lucky … Read More »

Fantasy HD Beautiful Teen Tits

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Can you blame Keisha Grey for getting totally distracted by her own beautiful teen tits as she gets ready to take a bath? Once those boobies are out, every time she sees herself in a mirror she just has to stare, squeezing and caressing herself to feel those soft, firm, perky breasts. Even after she gets out of the tub she keeps grabbing herself, and when her guy friend sees this through the window he figures he might as well come inside and join the fun! He kisses Keisha passionately, getting his own squeezes in on those boobies, before spreading her long smooth legs to penetrate her tight pussy deep and hard! All that breast touching had gotten her wet and turned on so she immediately wrapped her legs around the guy, pulling him even deeper inside. He fucked her … Read More »

Passion HD The Perfect Temperature

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I have another Passion HD scene for you guys because it just came out about 2 minutes ago so this is hot off the presses. It’s a scene called The Perfect Temperature and once again Passion HD has her teamed up with another hottie this time it’s Olga Snow. Pretty girl for such a ugly name wouldn’t you say LOL! Anyways the two of them have a really hot threesome and I really liked the part where Keisha was sitting on Olga’s face getting her pussy eaten out. Keisha really enjoyed it and her body just looked fucking amazing, don’t you agree? I can’t wait until Passion HD does just a scene with Keisha so we can just focus on her having sex but until then this one and the last one will just have to do!

Passion HD Last Day Of School

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The location of this shoot I think is exactly the same from her Casting Couch X scene but if you guys look at porn much at all you will see that most of the girls who do their interviews with Casting Couch X end up getting a job on Passion HD, unless the girl isn’t hot. Which is definitely not the case with our girl Keisha Grey here! She is in a super hot scene with another girl who I think is also stunning her name is Ariana Marie. Ariana and Keisha are pretending that they just had their last day of school and they want to go out with a bang. So they decide to have their first threesome together before they go off to college and what a hot fucking threesome they had.

Casting Couch X

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Alright so this might be kind of a awkward video from Casting Couch X at first but that’s because this is Keisha Grey very first porn video she has ever done so you can understand the awkwardness. The video is a long one but be warned that a lot of it is her interview. If you want to get to know Keisha better then by all means watch this whole thing, if you want to just see the hardcore stuff then you’re going to need to skip to around 4:13 in this movie. Keisha has such a awesome body nice thick thighs that perfect plump ass but lets be real her natural tits are the real win. They’re so damn perfect and they just hang on that hour glass figure of her so perfectly. If you like a tight pussy … Read More »