Zishy Shower

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Our girl Keisha Grey is all over the adult industry now of course, I mean how could she NOT be with a face as gorgeous as hers and a body as amazing as hers…but if you really want to get to know the girl behind the beauty make sure you check out her photoshoots on Zishy! In this one for instance Keisha is in the shower getting those big juicy titties and her sexy round ass all dripping wet, goofing around and making faces and just being the lovable gorgeous woman we all know she is.

Zishy Killers

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It’s always a good time when our girl Keisha Grey shows up on Zishy, you just know you’re going to get something fun and sexy! In this photoshoot she’s showing off her stripey swimsuit as she poses around, flashing her big sweet sexy ass and those nice juicy titties before hopping on the couch and rocking out with a…err…sitar? Lute? Who knows, all I know is that Keisha is busting out a few hot lixxx and looking sexy as hell as the camera clicked and caught all the fun.

Zishy Chateau Chatsworth

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Keisha Grey is back on Zishy this time in a scene called “Chateau Chatsworth”. The other one if you missed it called Fall Semester was good too if you missed that make sure to check it out. This Zishy scene looks like the went into Keisha’s room and woke her up to take this photo set. Her hair is all messed up and she is lookin sexy as hell with bed head. Never though I would say that in my life but it’s true. Keisha actually ends up showing her breasts in this update for Zishy which is weird because they usually keep things to tease only.

Fall Semester

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Gorgeous schoolgirl Keisha Grey is enjoying her favorite time of year, kicking her heels back and playing in the leaves during Fall semester in this Zishy photoshoot! She’s got that spectacular ass and those nice big tits going on in full effect as she flashes in her little skirt and pulls up her top, obviously just having a blast as she plays around and lets that winning personality out for awhile.